The Runet is Blowing Up…

The Runet (an affectionate portmanteau for the Russian-speaking internet) is blowing up. Famous oligarch Boris Berezovsky has died today in London (where he’s lived for the past thirteen years). I’m not sure if the news is officially confirmed yet, but it appears to be real. A few links (all in Russian) below:

Родственники сообщили о смерти Бориса Березовского
Умер Борис Березовский
Умер Борис Березовский

His son in law originally posted about Berezovsky on Facebook. The story does not appear to have broken in the English-language media yet.

Update: the death now appears to have been confirmed, and it was a suicide. Lawyer Aleksandr Dobrinsky says:

Just had a call from London. Boris Abramovich Berezovsky committed suicide… He was a complicated person…

Translation mine, from this article.