Economics Exam

Sometimes, I get really, really frustrated with my economics class. I feel like we move too slowly and too many people ask too many stupid questions. I’m sympathetic to question asking because economics is not easy, plus the textbook we are using is absolutely horrendous – seriously, I found two free textbooks (in a perfectly legal fashion, mind you) that explain everything way better than Paul Krugman and company do.

Last week we had an exam. I was happy that I did not have to listen to the usual idiocy so in a strange way, I quite enjoyed taking this exam. I felt like I did well when I turned it in, as there were very few questions I was unsure about. Nevertheless, I was surprised to see this when I logged in to my online account.

econ grades
Click to see it larger.

Basically, I have 102% in the class. I do not know how that is possible. But I am certainly not complaining.


3 thoughts on “Economics Exam

  1. Heh, I’d definitely be one of those asking stupid questions. I don’t get economics AT ALL 🙂 (that’s why I don’t even consider doing economics).


    1. I doubt your questions would be stupid! Some people do ask normal, informed questions. 😀 (By stupid questions, I mean that once, some random dude was asking about his car payment and it led to the most pointless, unrelated conversation ever.)

      The funny thing about economics is it’s not really like anything I’ve ever studied. It’s sort of a weird mix of history (when learning about inflation, we studied the hyperinflation that took place in the Weimar Republic in the 1920s), political science, math, and other stuff I don’t know how to describe. But I like it! 🙂 Though I can imagine it not being someone else’s cup of tea (just like I cannot do physics, chemistry, or biology at all!).

      BTW how’s Slovak going for you?


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