Easter Sunday Reading

…because I forgot to post this on Friday. Here’s what I’ve been reading recently.

Ping Fu is a woman after my own heart.

A gallery (in Russian) of Vladimir Putin’s fashion over the years. The title is, appropriately enough, “Kremlin fashion.”

Tax havens and BRIC countries.

Russian oligarch Boris Berezovksy hanged himself, London police say.

How well do countries around the world speak English? Sweden and Denmark are at the top; Brazil and Russia did not fare as well.

And finally, the link of the week: How the internet made us poor. This is the most concise, cogent explanation for why I applied to one of those programming bootcamps last November. (I got in but I’m not going for several reasons, some of which are monetary.) I felt like a lot of people did not understand why I applied, which is why that article made me so happy. It’s nice when someone else understands your thought process so well.

Happy Easter, everyone!

russian easter eggs
Russian Easter Eggs