The End of Wódka

Wódka back in the day when I went there.
Wódka back in the day when I went there.

I am devastated by this news: the owner of a Polish restaurant called Wódka, located in London, is selling the property where the restaurant was (he and his wife lived in a flat above the restaurant). I don’t blame him for selling because it’s worth a lot of money, but I’m still sad the restaurant has closed.

Now you’re probably wondering why I care about this specific restaurant so much. After all, there are many restaurants in London.

The story begins in 2008. After graduating from high school, I began writing a novel that takes place in London. Though the story has undergone many changes since 2008, some things remain the same, including the protagonist’s visit to a Russian restaurant with his girlfriend. I researched Russian restaurants in London and found Wódka. When I finally went to London myself in 2010 (back in 2008, I had no idea that I would be going to England two years later), my mom and I had dinner at Wódka. I had chicken Kiev and it was fantastic.

I’m really sad this restaurant has closed. I know the owner operates another restaurant called Baltic, but that one just doesn’t look as good. Eating at Wódka was one of my favorite experiences in London. It helped bring that scene in my novel to life. I always hoped to go back and eat there next time I’m in London. It’s too bad that won’t happen.


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