This Week’s Reading

So, here’s what I’ve been reading this week.

This article from Slate encapsulates why I’m so glad to not be going into academia. If only it had been published five years ago!

I read a whole series on The Economist on applying to business school. It’s interesting stuff. Here’s part 4. (The other parts are linked at the end of the article.)

Liza Yaroshenko, a very brave Ukrainian girl.
Liza Yaroshenko, a very brave Ukrainian girl.

This article from the BBC is really sad. It’s about a teenage girl named Liza Yaroshenko in Ukraine who has AIDS. Her biological mother died from AIDS eight years ago and she lives with an adoptive family now. Many people in Ukraine with AIDS do not have access to medicines and Liza has campaigned about this issue. It makes me so sad that people like Bill Gates (and the public in general) only connect HIV and AIDS with Africa. Bill Gates’ foundation gives so much money to Africa, but I feel like he (and many others) aren’t interested in helping people outside of Africa who are infected with HIV.

The “Stupid article of the week” award goes to this piece at Quartz, called “It’s time for American students to rethink their ‘dream’ colleges.” The basic premise of the article is that top schools (as in, Ivy League and near-Ivy League) are not the be-all, end-all for students, so students should stop being disappointed when they don’t get in to these schools. The author apparently does not realize one simple, very important fact: going to one of the these schools is a guarantee of being able to get ahead in life. A degree from Yale will help someone a lot more than a degree from a state school. It just annoys me when people (usually adults with established careers) just ignore and explain away students’ concerns about university. University is very important and the institution you attend can affect your life.