An Internet Break

I took an internet break yesterday and today because I really didn’t feel like reading or thinking about the news. There’s so much stupid stuff going on in the world that I just didn’t feel like dealing with it. So instead of getting frustrated by the news (and the ensuing idiotic commentary that inevitably follows), I read a book and worked on some of my own writing.

The book I read was called The Fear Index by Robert Harris. I can’t figure out why it has only three stars on Amazon, as it’s a fantastic read. Yes, the author does go into detail about some intricate financial concepts, but it’s very interesting.

As for my own writing, I worked on a side project this afternoon, not the main novel whose word count I have in the sidebar. Yes, I know I shouldn’t work on multiple projects at once, but I can’t help it. Especially since I’ve hit a bit of an impasse on my main project (which is why this post will end abruptly right here, so I can go attempt to work past my impasse).


One thought on “An Internet Break

  1. I say yes for multiple projects–especially for writing. The main thing is to keep writing. I actually made more progress when I started writing more blogs posts, and doing my writing assignments.

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