Wow, I have been so busy yesterday and today – it’s ridiculous. Last week was busy and fun, this week… not so much. The good news is I am the proud new owner of an iPad (black, 16 GB). The bad news is in my program, we have been having career info sessions and I am terrified of recruiting this fall. I’m going to be taking five classes and on top of that, I have to pick a sector I want to work in and find a job to start after the program ends. To say I’m scared would be an understatement! Oh, and did I mention the massive finance problem set one of our professors gave out? Officially, it’s optional. But we all know that’s not true since we will be tested on similar problems in a couple of weeks.

People, I am exhausted. And on top of all this, I think I have to go shopping this weekend to buy another nice blouse to wear with my suit.