The history department building at my old university
The history department building at my old university

Something strange happened last night. I was on the internet and somehow came across the PDF version of the annual undergraduate research catalog my undergraduate university publishes. As I skimmed through the abstracts in history and international studies, I was struck with a sudden nostalgia. I missed researching and writing my thesis. I missed reading and writing about Russia and former Soviet countries. I was especially envious of one student whose abstract I read – she wrote about Russian foreign policy with a focus on Kosovo and South Ossetia.*

Don’t get me wrong – I like what I’m studying now. But there’s really nothing like Russian history, politics, and that sort of thing.

*As an aside, based on her abstract, I think she completely misjudged and mis-analyzed (is that even a word?) the two situations. Still, the thesis was on a fascinating topic.


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    1. Me too! So far, I like it. There’s a lot to learn in a short period of time for this first class, but I like it. I’m even starting to like bonds more. 😉

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