The good news: I am learning so much in my class. (Technically, it’s two classes in one. But, we only get one grade, so as far as I’m concerned, it is one class, end of story.) Just over the past two days, I have learned so much about stocks, bonds, and valuation. It’s crazy (but in a good way).

The bad news: I’m too exhausted to do anything else! I’m not even joking, I had a dream about the time value of money two nights ago. How ridiculous is that?

More good news: the class is over on August 16. Furthermore, both professors have done a good job of explaining things I don’t understand. I went to office hours to talk about bonds today and I think I actually understand the basics of bonds now. I have been asking questions in the afternoon session and so far, have had those questions satisfactorily answered.

As for tomorrow, I have an extra-early networking session thing with an employer tomorrow morning, then class, then I’m FREE for the weekend. (And by free, I mean I’ll be getting ahead in next week’s reading and working on a capital budgeting problem set.) I think my theme tomorrow will be TGIF.