Almost Done!

Surprisingly enough, my super-intense summer boot camp is almost over. It’s barely been a week, but it feels like I’ve been doing it much, much longer. I hope I never have to do anything remotely like this again. If you’re wondering, it’s basically been akin to being dumped in choppy ocean water – assuming you’ve never swum before, or even realized that swimming was something people did.

If that’s not bad enough, my future accounting professor sent out a mass email to my class with pre-class reading, telling us that if we don’t do it, taking accounting is going to be like jumping into the second semester of a foreign language class without taking first semester. As a former foreign language major, that metaphor was terrifying – because I remember well how intense second semester of first-year Russian was!

Anyway, enough complaining. I think I am slowly starting to understand everything, so hopefully it will all come together in time for the exam this Friday. Then there’s a weekend, and we start fall semester classes and job recruitment.