Unsolicited Advice

I survived my first week of fall semester classes. I worked all weekend and I still barely feel like I’m keeping up. I’m a bit ahead in economics (which means I can focus on my other classes’ homework this week) and just keeping pace in everything else.

Anyway, here is my unsolicited advice for you: do not take an accounting class, if you can help it. No offense to any accountants out there, but I find the entire subject to be rather dreadful!


One thought on “Unsolicited Advice

  1. I did everything to try to avoid the accounting module because I already did this similar module they called “financial management”, which is basically the same thing… but nope, still had to do it. I think anyone who is doing business should have at least some understanding of it–but for me I draw the line at one module!

    I liked economics though…


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