‘While at home speak Ukrainian’

Over the weekend, I watched a documentary about the KGB that mentioned how Stepan Bandera was assassinated by the KGB while living in exile in West Germany (the assassin used a cyanide spray, in case you were wondering). While researching Bandera – even though I’ve studied a lot of East European history, I haven’t formally studied many Ukrainian nationalist movements – I came across this great interview (in English) with Bandera’s grandson, who is also confusingly named Stepan. Apparently the family immigrated to Canada after the assassination, but Stepan Bandera (the grandson) later returned to Ukraine.

This is my favorite quote from the article (the emphasis is mine):

Q: What Ukrainian traditions are still cultivated by the Banderas?

A: We have always adhered to one strict rule: while at home speak Ukrainian. Also, we celebrated every Ukrainian religious holiday by the old calendar. As a small boy I was thrilled to receive Christmas gifts from St. Nicholas come December 19, six days before Santa Claus would visit my Canadian friends.


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    1. Yes, Bandera did have that unfortunate alliance with the Nazis. Very important not to forget that. Thanks for sharing the article.


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