My Latest Obsession: Legend by Marie Lu

Legend Marie Lu

I bought this book – Legend by Marie Lu – last night and I am so incredibly obsessed with it. It is SO INCREDIBLY GOOD. It is in the same genre as the better-known The Hunger Games: young teenage girl lives in dystopian future and must survive while dealing with drama in her life. There’s violence and romance and rebellion.

And the thing about this book is it is a million times better than The Hunger Games. I know a lot of people will think I’m crazy, but here goes: I didn’t like The Hunger Games that much. I read the first book and liked it enough to read the second, which kept me intrigued enough to read the third. By the end of the series, I pretty much hated all the characters. Katniss was lame and hypocritical, Peeta annoyed me, and Gale annoyed me too. The only character I liked – Prim – was out of the picture and the other character I liked, Katniss’ mother, was never fully developed as a character. In fact, all the characters were very flat and one-dimensional.

What I love about Legend is how much I cared about everyone. All the characters were extremely real and the protagonist June’s character arc was especially well done. I just bought the second book (yes, this is a trilogy) and I can’t wait to read it.


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