All Good Things Must Come To An End

Best books ever. Buy them all, right now.
Best books ever. Buy them all, right now.

You guys.

YOU GUYS. I was up so late last night. Remember that book series I became hooked on recently? The Legend Series by Marie Lu? Well, the third and final book came out yesterday. I bought it on Kindle (for over $9.00; I never spend that much on one book unless I really, really like it) and read it, in its entirety, yesterday.

And now I’m so sad it’s over with and having so many feelings about the ending. (It was overall a good ending. Bittersweet, because even though something happy happens, there’s still the fact that someone very important to the protagonist is dead and gone, and that’s just sad.) I saw an interview somewhere (sorry, I don’t remember where) in which Marie Lu said she does not foresee herself returning to this series anytime soon.

Legend was published in late 2011. I may be two years late to finding out about these books, but boy am I glad I found them. I will definitely be reading more of Marie Lu’s work.