Weekend Reading

Do you ever have so much to write that you don’t know where to start, and therefore just don’t write anything? That’s what happened to me this week. So I figured I’d ease back into (blog) writing with a not-so-difficult post: one containing the links to stuff I’ve read this week. Without further ado…

  • My weekly list wouldn’t be complete without the usual uninspired anti-Russia article from The Atlantic, so here you go.
  • If you’re a language learner, you should definitely sign up for this cool site, Bliu Bliu. It’s a Lithuanian startup and is pretty amazing.
  • Do you think Ukraine should sign an agreement with the EU? Alexander J. Motyl thinks so. As for me, I remain unconvinced.
  • If you read Russian, I found a very fascinating website called Sputnik & Pogrom. It markets itself as a nationalist site, and since I’m interested in modern Russian nationalist movements, I find the whole thing fascinating.

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    1. No problem, Claudio. I still need to send you an email for that interview I want to do. I’ve been quite busy this week but hopefully I’ll send it sometime Thursday evening (US time). 🙂


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