Edward Lozansky on Russia

Edward Lozansky
Edward Lozansky

Maybe I haven’t been noticing, or maybe I just got lucky, but there have been a ton of good articles on Russia recently. Here’s yet another one I’ve found: Toward a New Pragmatism on Russia. In it, Lozansky discusses the American policy of promoting democracy around the world and whether this is something truly worth pursuing. Some interesting excerpts:

It is instructive to take a look at the results of the democracy drive just at the past decade, starting with the 2003 “Revolution of the Roses” in Georgia, where a putsch brought to power Columbia University graduate Mikhail Saakashvili, who spoke all the right words about freedom, democracy and the evil Russian empire. He also hired top Washington public relations firms, which quickly made him the darling of the Western establishment and its virulently anti-Russian media.

However, behind that verbal smoke screen, Mr. Saakashvili imposed a most repressive and corrupt police regime. There were even intimations of onetime prime minister Zurab Zhvania being assassinated on his orders.


It is high time for U.S. policy toward Russia to change drastically in the spirit of pragmatism. Not only have all the “color revolutions” failed, but America is currently in retreat almost on every front, from the chain of disasters in the Middle East to the unstoppable rise of China. Most disturbing, Islamic radicalism remains perhaps the most critical, existential danger facing the civilized world. It is simply vital for America to seek a new, mutually beneficial relationship with Russia, and to do so without meddling in its internal affairs — something that no truly sovereign country will stand for.