Russia Moves Missiles to Kaliningrad

Map from here.
Map from here.

This is the fourth (or maybe fifth, as I’ve lost track) post chronicling the rise of Russia. The BBC reports that European countries are worried over the possibility that Russia may have put nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad. (Kaliningrad is a small Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania—see map at the right.)

European countries bordering Russia’s territory of Kaliningrad say they are worried at reports that Moscow has put nuclear-capable missiles there.

Lithuania and Poland both issued statements of concern.

Russia has not confirmed the report but insists it has every right to station missiles in its western-most region.

Moscow has long threatened to move Iskander short-range missile systems to Kaliningrad in response to the United States’ own European missile shield.

This is pretty interesting stuff, everyone. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on Russia…