New Purchases

Sorry, everyone, but I don’t feel like posting about the Russian opposition right now. I’m too tired to research that sort of thing at this moment. Instead I’m going to share what I bought at the bookstore on Sunday: a book and a cute journal.


The best thing about the journal: it was made in Canada, so it’s not your typical bad quality made-in-China crap you usually see.


4 thoughts on “New Purchases

  1. I have an addiction to notebooks and journals… I always end up buying way more than I can fill up! Just came back from the store with some Snoopy notebooks. 🙂 My original mission to the store was to buy some refills for the Parker pen that had been sitting in my drawer for 17 years after its original ink cartridge had run out!


    1. Notebooks are great! And wow, that is a long-lived pen. I always use cheap pens because I either end up losing them or am too lazy to buy refills 🙂


    1. I agree entirely! Owls are amazing and all the rage. And I have quite the collection of notebooks because I love writing so much.


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