Apps I Don’t Understand

Do you use any of the following apps? If so, can you explain their purpose to me? I really do want to understand.

  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Vine

I have never had the desire to use any of these things, but I know they’re extremely popular. I actually do know what Instagram and Vine can do—it’s Snapchat that remains a mystery to me. I don’t know what it is, much less what its appeal is.


6 thoughts on “Apps I Don’t Understand

  1. Medvedev and Kadyrov use INstagram, which says more about the app than I need to know.
    I don’t really know what Snapchat or Vine is.
    I use WhatsApp only when I really need to (eg. when I have visitors from overseas who haven’t got a local sim card but have wifi access) and my status warns people not to message me there and implies that users of WhatsApp are spammers and senders of stupid messages. I mostly call it the spam inbox.


    1. Haha, Medvedev is so into photography and being like an American hipster. Of course he’d use Instagram.

      That sounds like a good use for WhatsApp. When I go abroad, buying a sim card isn’t usually my first priority. Does Singapore have enough WiFi to enable foreigners to get on and message you?


      1. Yes, we do have plenty of free Wifi around, but it does involve setting up an account or finding a place. Anyway, now that the better half in Moscow has discovered me on WhatsApp, looks like I can’t turn it off no more… should have deleted the stupid app when I could…


  2. Snapschat is used by teenagers to send messages and pics to one another – the messages self destruct after they’re read, so it’s good if you’re worried about nosy parents or pics that may get on some revenge porn website. For example if you’re sending naughty snaps to your boyfriend.


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