Road Tripping

Picture from the Allstate blog.
Picture from the Allstate blog.

I went on a road trip on Friday to a big city for an interview. It was three hours each way, so that was a lot of time sitting by annoying people on a bus. Nevertheless, I did enjoy seeing a new city. What was not so enjoyable was discovering that the job I was interviewing for wasn’t right for me. (In short: too much sales, too little actual money management.) The company didn’t even offer to pay for my trip. Not that it was that expensive, but still.

This leads me to my new wisdom for the day: no more interviews that require travel unless I get reimbursed. Obviously, this reimbursement must be promised up front.

Honestly, I am tired of the way a lot of employers here (“here” meaning the United States) treat interviewees. The career center at my school always says how we, the job applicants, have to be polite and respectful. I would do that anyway without being directly told to do so. I wish companies would return the favor, though. I can’t tell you how much rude behavior I’ve witnessed, from the dude who sighed throughout my entire interview (look bro, it’s not my fault you were tired by the early afternoon) to the guy from a major technology company who wrinkled his nose at the idea that I studied history (gasp!) and Russian (oh the horror) in college. And I won’t even go into the companies that I’ve interviewed with, then never heard from again.

I know this is turning into a bit of rant, but it feels good to finally say this. Just because the job market is bad (which makes hiring easier for employers) doesn’t give them an excuse to treat us like crap.

(Note: it should be said that some companies are really nice. I’ve had very nice rejections and pleasant interviews. The problem are the companies that give the impression of just not caring whatsoever.


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  1. I hope you will find a (good) job soon – in a company that you like! My experience of interviews is usually positive, as in all forms of human interaction I think all parties should be polite and interested in being there. I will need to start looking for a new job soon and hope the process will run smoothly. Preferably I’d somehow like to be able to use languages in my new job, but without them being the factor that defines me (as it is now). Good luck to you!


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