Lord Almighty, it’s a miracle, everyone: I sat through my two-hour intermediate accounting class today and I think I actually understood everything. This is a huge accomplishment for me, as accounting has been my worst subject so far in this program.


2 thoughts on “Accounting

  1. Way to go! My biggest hurdle was accounting as well, because I’m bad with anything that has to do with numbers and not getting them wrong. Once I spent 3 weeks trying to figure out what went wrong with my assignment set and it turns out that I just copied stuff wrongly. Went to ask for help from lecturer, who pointed out a zillion mistakes, then I went home and 2 days later I finished it.

    That was a very difficult 3 weeks for very simple mistakes.


    1. Ugh, sounds terrible! I used to make really weird mistakes. My professor would point them out and be like, what were you even thinking.


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