Incompetent Professors

There’s nothing I hate worse than incompetence and today I want to focus on incompetent professors, who are especially galling (because you basically have to pay money for the privilege—I’m being sarcastic here—of being exposed to their incompetence).

Everyone in my investments class is perpetually confused. That’s because this class, which started this semester, is a direct continuation of an investments class we took last semester. Apparently, we didn’t really learn very much last semester. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I’ve learned more in four class periods of investments this semester than I learned in the entire investments class last semester.

If you divide it out, my parents basically paid $2,800 for me to learn… nothing. Nice, right?

(Actually, let’s look on the positive side. I could argue that it will all even out because I learned a lot in my other classes last semester, and am learning a ton right now. In fact, the energy class I’m taking is well worth the entire year’s tuition for my program.)


3 thoughts on “Incompetent Professors

  1. Sad… but in life you often end up hiring bad apples once in awhile who will just waste your time and money.

    Had me a friend whose lecturer just never showed up for most of their lectures!


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