Reading Suggestions

What are your favorite blogs/websites to read? I have decided I want to broaden my reading list in my RSS reader (I’m a happy user of Feedly right now) and I need some suggestions. I have very varied interests, so no matter what the topic, I want to hear what blogs you’re reading.

Also, I want to start learning more about the oil and gas industry, so any suggestions for respected publications there are welcome.


4 thoughts on “Reading Suggestions

  1. You may already know this one but is great for lovers of language. The author is always referencing Russian literature, language and history. It has a very good community of commenters that is devoted, knowledgable, courteous and witty.


    1. I actually did not know about that blog, so thank you for telling me. Any language blog that focuses on Russia-related stuff is bound to be amazing. 🙂


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