The Best Photo From the Ukraine Protests

So, you know those protests in Ukraine? The ones I’ve been too lazy to write about because I’ve been working on other stuff? Well, while reading the news yesterday (just because I haven’t written about them yet doesn’t mean I’m not keeping up with what’s going on), I came across this amazing photo.


The posters in the photo are from Yanukovych supporters (i.e. people who don’t support the protestors). The closest one with the photo of Yanukovych superimposed over the Ukrainian flag says, “Crimeans support President Yanukovych!” The other two posters visible are in English (“Let’s defend Ukraine! Let’s defend the Ukrainian people!” and “NO to European double standards”).

I’m actually planning to (finally) write about what’s going on in Ukraine once I finis the mountain of homework I’ve been assigned, so stay tuned.