Thank goodness stupidity isn’t contagious (though sometimes I wonder whether it is, being that there are so many stupid people out there). I say this because I just finished reading a book for my energy class. We had two required book and the first one, Power Hungry, was great. The second one—not so much. It’s called Reinventing Fire and although the first chapter or two were okay, it rapidly got worse. Much worse. By the end of the book, I was so annoyed I wanted to throw my computer off my balcony.

Instead, I simply returned the book to Amazon. The fact that the author won’t be getting any money off the sale makes me feel better. (Note: even if I had loved the book, I still would have returned it. The Kindle edition was so poorly done as to be criminal. I don’t know why publishers won’t get with the program on Kindle formatting. Publishers, if you’re reading this, I will format your Kindle and other ebook editions for you if you pay me!)

And, of course, I look forward to bashing this book in my final paper for the class.