Hating on Sochi

I talked to my friend earlier today and I’m still annoyed at the way the conversation went. She was completely hating on Sochi, saying that the Olympics are terrible this year and that what she has read has only reinforced her desire to not visit Russia. I became very annoyed, as there have been accounts of journalists reporting wrong information from Sochi. (Someone tweeted a photo of an alleged double toilet. It turned out that bathroom was being remodeled and had the wall taken down.)

Anyway, I was annoyed because she was so smug about the whole thing. “None of the other Olympics have ever had problems like this,” she said. “So this is really unusual and really terrible.”

Ugh, I’m so annoyed! I wish people would shut up and stop dumping on Russia. Especially those who have no idea what they’re talking about.


2 thoughts on “Hating on Sochi

  1. Story of my life. I usually no longer try to talk to such people. I pick my battles carefully, and often so battles with ignorance and stupidity is not something I can win.

    I also proposed that we should have a Hate Russia Day, so that for the rest of the year we can be spared from the Russia bashing that everyone loves to do.

    No, the opening ceremony wasn’t flawless, there were some cheesy bits (but what do you expect in any kind of stadium ‘parade’) but it was fun to watch because… well, it was a decent show. People who didn’t like it were already hating on Russia so no matter what kind of show was on, they won’t enjoy it. So why waste their time watching it?

    Умом Россию не понять as it was said… but I don’t understand these people either; nor do I believe in them. Shall we use the X word or the R word? I’ll do it. Racist xenophobes can go get stuffed.


    1. This is the best comment ever, Anya. Well said. The opening ceremony was pretty good, in my opinion. Not perfect, but still very nice. I liked it better than the opening ceremonies for 2012, 2010, and 2008 Olympics. (I don’t remember specifics of opening ceremonies further back than that!)


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