To One of my Visitors

To that visitor yesterday from an island country in the Pacific who literally read through every single post I’ve ever written: I applaud you for reading all my stuff (even the earlier stuff I wrote, which may be bad and/or boring). I’m truly flattered you liked my blog enough to stick around that long.


4 thoughts on “To One of my Visitors

  1. Hello!

    I am that visitor, though this is a rather unexpected way to be recognized! I sent an email through the contact tab but it appears it didn’t go through. I discovered your blog while looking for resources for learning Russian. I have to thank you for posting about Multitran, it’s truly amazing and the best dictionary I’ve yet to find. I’ve had an appreciation for Russian history since high school, though I only started seriously learning the language in college. I quite envy you for being able to study it formally, as there was a professor of Slavic literature at my school but he’d stopped teaching Russian courses!

    I have quite a case of “language lust” as you put it, as growing up in the Philippines exposed me to four languages just in my own family. Living in the United States, mainly in New York, showed me even more. I’ve always been curious about learning different languages and just language in general so reading your blog was not at all a chore. My Russian is still quite basic, mostly because I have a weak grasp of the grammar.

    Belated kudos for the blog, and thanks again for referring me to those resources in your post!



    1. Thanks for your comment, Toby! I’ll go look for your email. I recently was updating my settings with a new email address, but I may not have done it properly, so your email could be sitting in an old account I haven’t checked in a while. If you have any questions about Russian, don’t hesitate to ask. I know it pretty well and can explain any grammar concepts to you if you’re confused. 🙂 Again, thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll become a regular reader.


  2. I think it’s great this little loop of acknowledgement: A reader reads your posts, you notice the reader, the reader notices back.


    It’s a small world after all.


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