Why Do You Write?

Earlier, I was pondering this ever-important question of why I write. A few hours later, I read this post on Joanna’s Creative Penn blog and saw a rather fabulous comment with a Charles Bukowski quote on writing. I’ve never read Bukowski, nor do I know anything about him, but I can definitely relate to this.

Writing keeps you alive because it eases the monsters in the brain by moving them to paper. The listing of horrors seems regenerative, and often comes out in the writing as a form of joy or humor. The typewriter often sings soothing songs to the sadness in the heart. It’s wondrous.

I double-checked to make sure the quote was genuine and found it again here, in an interview. Isn’t that a great quote?

Readers: do you write? If so, why?

Note: I didn’t read the entire interview I linked to. Knowing my luck, it’s possible I took the quote out of context and it really refers to writers drinking excessively or doing drugs or something else equally sordid. Hopefully that isn’t the case here, but you never know…