Writing News and Updates

I haven’t really had much to blog about recently. I am enjoying being at home and reveling in the fact that when I do go back to school, I only have eight weeks left. Then it’s graduation time (which I do not plan to attend) and I’ll be done with the dreaded graduate program.

Anyway, I had to take a break from writing during exam week so I could study. The break actually turned into two weeks, as there was a lot of material to study, but that’s over with now.

I had a decision to make regarding my novel that I hope to publish this year. A few weeks ago, I read this blog entry on Roz Morris’ excellent Nail Your Novel blog. She basically says that if you spend a long time working on one novel, there may be shifts in tone throughout. I know this is the case with me: I started working on this novel in 2008, before I started college. (I still haven’t finished it, six years later. That’s embarrassing.) I know my style has changed—and hopefully improved—over the years. I also know that my novel suffers from a lack of consistency.

This is why I am going to rewrite this novel from scratch. A rewrite will help even out consistencies and I can incorporate new plot elements. I also had an epiphany about what to do for the plot: I think I am trying to stuff two books into one and have been rushing through some important stuff that needs to be fleshed out more.

It’s times like this that I sometimes feel I will never be done with this book…