The Dumbest Conspiracy Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane

This conspiracy theory about the reason why MH370 disappeared is priceless. I found it in a comment on a news article and reproduce it in full here:

Those who know me will attest I’m not the conspiracy theory type but there is one thing I have not as yet heard mentioned as a possibility. It is possible that this plane may have been brought down by the Russians as a distraction to the events in the Ukraine.

This could have been easily been accomplished by use of a stealth drone or manned aircraft along with the use of a very low powered transmitter to instruct the pilots of the 777 to change their course and later destroy the plane. I can think of no other credible explanation for the 777 to stop transmitting its ID and change course unless the experienced captain was convinced his aircraft would be destroyed unless he complied

This certainly diverted both the focus and resources of several nations to the other side of the planet.

I found it on this article (the permalink is here but doesn’t work in my browser).

I’ve seen absurd conspiracy theories before but I think this one really takes the cake.


2 thoughts on “The Dumbest Conspiracy Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane

  1. Haha this is hilarious! XD It’s even better because in my country (I’m Malaysian) our main opposition leader got arrested a day before the plane disappeared, so people are conspiring that OUR government took down the plane to distract the public from the arrest
    Which I think is a bit on the crazy side


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