Friday Reading List

I’m trying to get back in the habit of posting a roundup of links on Fridays. I read voraciously during the week; I just don’t always remember to save the articles I read.

Armed to the teeth.
Armed to the teeth.

Here’s a fantastic photo essay from The Atlantic, full of photos of Russian soldiers in Crimea. Note the lack of any nationally identifying insignia on their uniforms. That’s why Putin said they were local pro-Russian forces, though pretty much everyone else in the West says differently.

World Affairs Journal has this excellent article that I will devote an entire post to later. It’s called “After the Fall: Russia in Search of a New Ideology.”

The Kremlin has reportedly blocked opposition news sites and blogs. I wonder if Navalny will appeal to his nationalist thug friends to go out and fight on his behalf.

The New York Times has an article about, an online newspaper allegedly reined in after it published an interview with a Ukrainian nationalist. I’m less interested in the actual article than I am the fabulous graphics accompanying it. There are maps, satellite images, and other fabulous statistics.

Update, 12:16 PM: I just read another fabulous article I cannot resist adding to this week’s reading list. It’s called “Putin on the Couch” and contains experts’ opinions about Vladimir Putin. It’s long, so if you only read a few pages, make sure to pay close attention to pages 4 and 5, which contain the most accurate analysis (at least in my opinion).

What have you read this week? Post links if you want—I’ll fish them out of the spam catcher if they are accidentally marked as spam.