My Latest Obsession: the LanguageLearning subreddit

So remember when I talked about language lust and my fondness for reading language learning forums? Well, I have found another language learning forum to read. It’s actually on Reddit, so it’s a subreddit called LanguageLearning. It’s fabulous. I already found an excellent resource: a site that has basic grammars for various languages (in PDF format you can download). The one I linked to is Bulgarian but there’s also Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian, Czech, Georgian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Slovene.

I also enjoyed this thread called “If you had the ability to learn any five languages (Not including your native tongue) in the modern world instantaneously, what would they be? And why?” An incredible number of people said they wanted to learn Russian. I almost want to create an account and offer to teach them (for a nominal fee; my time isn’t free!).

Anyway, if you’re a language nerd like me, be sure to check out /r/languagelearning. It’s amazing!