Who Will Be Ukraine’s Next President?

I’m calling that it’ll be Yulia Tymoshenko—after all, when her party doesn’t win, she engages in voter fraud and pulls a win out of the hat! (See: November 2004, Orange Revolution.) However, at this point in time, Tymoshenko does not have a very high approval rating according to data obtained by the Kyiv Post. (It killed me to spell Kiev that way. Just killed me, but that’s how the newspaper spells it.) Here’s a handy graphic with some of the candidates and their approval ratings. Disappointingly, billionaire oligarch Pyotr Poroshenko is in first place.

Click to see way larger.
Click to see way larger.

If I had to pick a candidate to support, I’d probably go with Sergei Tigipko, but I haven’t done enough research to make an informed decision at this point.


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