Congratulations, Andrej Kiska

The next president of Slovakia. Source.
The next president of Slovakia. Source.

As an avid follower of Eastern European politics, I was most interested to see that Slovakia has elected a new president. His name is Andrej Kiska and he’s a businessman with no prior political experience. Though I like newcomers to politics and businessmen in general, I’m not sure what to think about Mr. Kiska. Unfortunately, when it comes to tycoons in Eastern Europe, the quote often attributed to Honoré de Balzac usually applies: “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”

Anyway, I hope there was no voter fraud and I wish Mr. Kiska luck as the next president of Slovakia. Let’s hope he is not corrupt the way many of his colleagues to the east are.


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  1. Hi Natalie,
    thanks for a relevant post. The majority of people I have spoken to here in Slovakia (in Bratislava and the Hungarian-speaking areas) have been opposing Fico and I believe that is the main reason Kiska was elected president. The reasons for the dissatisfaction with Fico (as PM) seem to be many, ranging from quick and unexpected legal changes, an unambiguous stance towards minorities, close links to the “old regime”, and the centralisation of power to only one party (Smer) etc. These are the opinions expressed by people, so it’s difficult to say how much truth there is in these comments. Anyhow, hopefully Kiska will be a good president. This country needs some more trust and faith in their elected decision-makers.

    1. Thanks for your comment—it’s always nice to get an insider’s point of view. (Well, I know you’re not Slovak, but you’ve lived there for a while and are a reliable source! 🙂 ) I too hope Kiska will be a good president. I’m all for newcomers in politics. Here in the US at least, we have a problem with people becoming “career politicians”. These people get elected multiple times and after a while, it seems like they stop caring about their constituents and don’t do any actual work anymore. So I think fresh blood in the political arena can be a good thing. (I feel like there was an unintentional pun in that last sentence…)

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