Told You So

Since about 2008 or so, I have predicted that Russia would one day retake Ukraine.

Never by any stretch of the imagination did I imagine it would happen so soon, or so quickly.


2 thoughts on “Told You So

  1. I wish Russia will never retake Ukraine,unless russian people aim to start a new war against ukranian brothers.
    In these last few months russian medias, controlled by Kremlin, have started a very hard to stand дезинформация campaign, presenting ukranian situation to people in a fake and unreal way. Gonna fly to Kharkiv,with my family,at the end of the month; my wife’s family lives there, and all I can say is that people wanna live in peace,without corruption, and – first of all – they want to decide by themselves their own future, without any interference from Russia. That’s all. And,of course,most of them are ready to fight to defend their fatherland.


    1. Believe me, I completely agree. I wish it weren’t true—but unfortunately, I think Russia sees Ukraine as an integral part of its territory.

      The biggest problem facing Russia and Ukraine (and many other eastern European and post-Soviet countries) is corruption. It’s so insidious and permeates every aspect of life over there. It’s also very hard to get rid of.

      Let me know how the trip to Kharkov goes! 😀


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