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Faithful reader and commenter Anya (Anya, thanks for leaving me so many fabulous comments over the life of this blog!) asked me quite a while ago:

Don’t know what to suggest at this point, but I am really curious as to what you have on your reader!

I had asked readers for suggestions of blogs to read and promised to write about the blogs I read, but then I forgot. I just revamped my blogroll and remembered that I never wrote about the blogs I read.

If you want to know what blogs I follow in my RSS reader, look no further than my blogroll. They’re an eclectic collection of language learning (like Language Surfer), writing (like The Creative Penn and Nail Your Novel), Russia-related stuff (Russian Military Reform is very, very good), and random personal blogs (like Vicki Boykis’ eponymous blog).

Then there are the news sites. I am a huge admirer of Foreign Policy magazine (note: I currently have a free subscription, but that does not influence my opinion at all, as I’ve been reading it long before I was subscriber). The Economist is always interesting to read, especially since it provides an non-American point of view.

Then, I have the non-English websites. Those are mainly in Russian (though I read some in Ukrainian and Belarusian, too). I must point out how much I love Forbes Russia, a truly excellent publication.

I am always looking to expand my reading list, so suggestions are welcome! I especially want to start reading more about the oil and gas industry, so if there are any essential publications on that I ought to be reading, please let me know.


5 thoughts on “The Blogs I Read

  1. I’m also a reader of the Language Surfer blog. I really like Ron’s writing style. Plus, I enjoy reading his tips and we often share the same point of view. ^__^

    1. His blog is definitely one of my favorites. I am checking out your blog right now and I like it a lot, too! 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it. Yours is fantastic, too! 😉 I’m new to the blogging world and it’s amazing finding new people that shares my interests and my passion for foreign languages and cultures.

        Happy Easter!!! 🙂

  2. I’ve recently gotten into AND Magazine, which has quite a unique combination of content (who else would put intelligence–as in spooks and suff–and fashion together?), including this column by Michael R. Davidson Their website layout is cumbersome, so it’s easier to browse with an RSS reader.

    For practical living tips, I’ve got a few:
    Lifehacker is a great site if you’re a bit of a techie. displays quite nicely on an RSS reader.
    Jillee’s blog

    And oh, almost forgot the Russia stuff, but you probably follow all of them anyway:
    JRL (but still better to subscribe to the email list… but this is handy if you want to share stuff on social media)
    Brian Whitmore’s blog (and podcasts), The Power Vertical
    Russian Defense Policy (when it does get updated, it’s good)

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