Exciting News!

My dear readers, I held off on making this public until I was (relatively) certain that it was true. It is my pleasure to announce that I will be graduating from my program (this fact was never in doubt) and starting a job this summer, an actual job at an actual company. I want to maintain at least some semblance of anonymity for now, so I’ll have to come up with a catchy nickname for my future place of work. I’ll also have to come up with a nickname for where I’m moving—because I will be moving away from where I currently live, the area I affectionately call the Balmy Tropics.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about all of this. Rest assured that I will continue blogging and fill this blog with Russia-related stuff and historical goodies. Because, as they say in the super-secret history society* I used to be a member of: “Once a historian, always a historian.”

*I’ve never actually been a member of a super-secret society. I was a member of the history honorary at my undergraduate university, though. And I made up that saying myself, just to let you know.


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