С Днем победы! [Happy Victory Day!]

yeremenkoLast year, I wrote about this iconic World War II photo (at left). At the risk of sounding pretentious, allow me to quote myself:

The soldier in the photo at the beginning of this post died right after the photo was taken. His name was Aleksei Yeremenko and he was a political officer in the 220th Rifle Regiment, 4th Rifle Division. He never knew that he would become famous due to a serendipitous picture taken a moment before he died. That just said, and what’s even more sad are the millions of soldiers who died like Yeremenko, but who are not remembered because they didn’t have a famous photo taken of them fighting.

The text says "9 of May. Victory Day."
The text says “9 of May. Victory Day.”

In light of recent events, remembering Victory Day is more important than ever. The fact is, the Soviet Union and the United States were both allies on the same side of the struggle against Nazi Germany. We worked together once; I hope that there will be future cooperation between my country and the so-called post-Soviet countries. I know things between our governments are very tense right now, but I do hope everything can and will be resolved soon.

I also have a special message in Russian for my friends over in Russia. Please forgive any errors; my spoken Russian is much better than my written Russian.

Обращение к русским

день победы 2

Дорогие русские! Я знаю, что отношения между нашими странами ухудшились. В Америке, политики думают, что ваш президент Владимир Путин хочет захватить Украину. В России, политики думают, что НАТО хочет Украину. По-моему, мы должны вспоминать, что мы вместе победили в Великой Отечественной Войне. Мы не враги. Когда я была в России, я узнала, что американцы и русские очень похожи друг на друга.

Спасибо за то, что вы читали. С великой победой! УРА!!!