Kiev Is A Lawless City

This video is seriously scary, everyone. A bunch of Ukrainian nationalists are beating up some poor policeman, screaming “Glory to Ukraine!” the entire time. As an aside, I can’t stand hearing the phrase “Glory to Ukraine” anymore. Seeing a video in which Pravy Sektor (Right Sector, a violent political party in Ukraine) members slit a policeman’s throat while shouting these words is very traumatizing.

I found this via the Novorossiya Twitter feed.

You have to understand, I was in Kiev in 2009 and it was not like this. There were police in the city, as I saw a few, but it was normal. People were civilized and normal. It was just like a peaceful European city. Everyone was very nice and the city was very safe.

Apparently, it’s now turned into a violent madhouse, which makes me so sad. Look how far it has fallen in just seven months.