Poroshenko Speaks English!

I remember reading somewhere that Pyotr Poroshenko, the new president of Ukraine, speaks fluent English. He’s the first Ukrainian president to do so. (There’s a hilarious video somewhere on the internet of his predecessor Yanukovych making a speech somewhere—I think it was at the Euro 2012. He tried to say “Welcome to Ukraine” in English but actually said “Welcome in Ukraine.” The mistake arose from an understandable error in his thinking due to a certain construction in the Russian language, but mainly it served to remind the world that Yanukovych has very poor foreign language skills.)

Anyway, I was impressed to see this video from an interview with Poroshenko earlier this year in which he speaks very decent English. I love hearing politicians’ foreign language skills, so I watched it.

Also, you’ve gotta love the host’s pronunciation of his name: she uses the Ukrainian “Petro” for his first name, but the Russian pronunciation for his last name.

Poroshenko isn’t my favorite politician right now, but good for him for speaking three languages (he also speaks Russian and Ukrainian).