In Which I Opine On Ukraine

I was reading The American Interest this morning (if you don’t read this site, you definitely should because it’s really good) and stumbled across this article on Ukraine. In it, the author talks about the sad future of Ukraine. The analysis was sorely lacking in one important area, though, so I felt the need to leave this comment. (I feel unbelievably pretentious quoting myself, but there you go.)

There is one reason and one reason only why Ukraine has so many problems that are unlikely to be resolved soon, and that reason is corruption. The entire system is corrupt: bribery is rampant, and there’s no political will to enact real reform that would modernize the country.

That’s why I get frustrated with Westerners when they condemn Yanukovych. Yes, he was corrupt, but do you really not think Tymoshenko, Yushchenko, Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, and others are, too? Sure, Yanukovych had that ridiculous residence—but have you seen where Tymoshenko lives? Have you seen Yatsenyuk’s mansion? Yatsenyuk is forty years old, yet he has more money than most of us reading this website will ever have in our entire lives.

Sorry for the longish rant, but I just get really frustrated sometimes when people act like these revolutions in Ukraine are a wonderful thing.

What do you think, readers? Why does Ukraine have so many problems?


One thought on “In Which I Opine On Ukraine

  1. The quoted article states several times that the current Ukraine’s sorry state is alledgedly due to its lack of Western-style democracy as if it is the root of all problems. The message is quite clear: either you have a Western democracy or all imaginable woes will be unleashed upon you. Moreover Russia is characterized as an autocractic power where all oligarchs are subservient to the sovereign, compared to an unnamed Western democracy without going into details about what this type of governance really is. That is the most interesting part. Because all Western so-called democracies are in fact oligarchies. So what is the difference for Ukarine between the two proposed alternatives: either you have your current corrupt capitalism, where your home-grown oligarchs plunder and destroy the country or you will join a broader community of transnational predators who together with your own oligarchs enthusiastically will do the same thing . I would also like to add that the Ukraine’s “precarious independence” and its attempts to play East and West against each other lamented by the author won’t last long. In fact it has already ended. Because Russia has no intention anymore to support that anti-Russian project called nowadays Ukraine. And without the Russian support the named entity will crumble and fall apart into several parts. Of course unless the West will pay Ukraine’s debts and invest heavily into the country’s economy during 20+ years, which in my opinion the West is not going to do. Instead the West is blackmailing and sanctioning Russia to continue to keep Ukraine’s economy afloat. This won’t work.
    As a side note I’d like to say that the Russian style democracy is more “democractic” so to say than its Western counterpart. Both in theory and in practice. The person whom the West calls an “autocrat” is more exposed to public control and therefore very sensitive to public opinion than invisible representatives of the establishment who really rule the West. Russia has direct elections. Most Western countries don’t. Correct me if I am wrong. The West’s hatred towards Russia is understandable. The oligarchs can’t tolerate the situation where they must cede their power to anyone.


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