Multilingual Blogging

I’ve been wanting to try this for some time, but I have been terrified to do so. It’s called multilingual blogging. You see, my written Russian is just atrocious. I read a lot, I listen a lot, I speak a fair amount (not as much as I would like), but I rarely write, and therefore my writing is terrible.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll be translating every future post into Russian, but I’m going to do my best to start blogging in this fabulous language. I’m a little afraid of making a fool of myself, but I’ve actually spent the past six years making a fool of myself while learning Russian. (Bottom line: when you learn a foreign language, you’re going to make silly mistakes. Overall, I’ve learned to embrace it and move on.)

Russian-speaking readers (especially native speakers!), I welcome your corrections if I say anything that sounds a bit off or is blatantly wrong. I promise I won’t be offended if you correct me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Multilingual Blogging

  1. Natalie,
    Regarding your decision I strongly recommend you to start writing in the Russian forum of Unilang. That place is specially devoted to language practice. In case you make a mistake you will be corrected in a friendly and highly informative manner. Many forum members are real experts. Besides, it would be harsh to make your beautiful blog look ugly due to corrections.


    1. Спасибо за совет, Михаил! I will have to register for that site soon. I know you told me about it before, but I forgot about it. 😛 But I also want to introduce some multilingual content on this blog, so I will probably do some Russian writing on here.


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