A Wake-Up Call: Start Writing!

Author Dean Wesley Smith posted a summary on his blog of his “Writing in Public” project. One year ago, he started writing daily blog entries about his life, routine, what sort of writing he got done that day, etc. The posts were apparently very successful: he increased traffic to his blog and actually got a ton of writing done. Both are admirable achievements.

I confess that I did not read every single Writing in Public post (first grad school and then the new job love to get in the way of my blog reading, you know?) but I did read the summary post. This sentence struck me:

So those of you with day jobs out there, realize and watch that I also function in my life as if I have a day job that takes about 50 hours of my time per week. Day jobs are not an excuse to not write. (How’s that for blunt?)

I confess I have not been writing as much as I ought to recently. Even before I started my job, I wasn’t writing as much as I could have. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time for writing as someone who writes for a living, but I know I can be writing more. And after my short story that I submitted back in February was rejected, there’s no excuse not to write. (I’m revising the short story and its next stop will be yet another well-known science fiction magazine.)

Fellow writers out there: what are you waiting for? Start writing, right now! 🙂


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