The Best Watch Ever

I have absolutely no idea how I found this, as I don’t browse watch forums often (or ever, actually). But somehow, on this thread last night, I found a photo of the best watch ever made.


Is that not the greatest thing ever? I know it’s a man’s watch and would not fit my skinny little wrist very well, but I want it so badly anyway. Better yet, I want the woman’s version. I would wear it every day and every time I glanced down at it, I would be filled with Russia-induced happiness.


3 thoughts on “The Best Watch Ever

  1. There is a ladies’ dress watch that I have with the presidential seal and Putin’s signature(look up ebay!). It’s a mechanical one by Poljot, which is perfect because I hardly ever wear watches that it almost is necessary for me to change a battery in between uses! Also, it’s not too obtrusive. But the decorative seal at the back came unglued… ah what do you want, Russian precision? But that said hardly anyone makes ladies’ mechanical watch that isn’t the size of a dinner plate these days.


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