Banned At Work!

This is hilarious. Today, after my group finished our analysis of the current project we have, I was browsing the internet. Or rather, I was attempting to browse. You see, at work we have what I call the Great Firewall. It doesn’t just restrict porn sites (I fully support restricting these)—it restricts pretty much anything fun. Dropbox? That’s on the blacklist. Amazon? No online shopping for you, not even during lunch! Sputnik & Pogrom? No Russian nationalism for you, young fool!

Yes, it’s true: that website I blogged about just the other day is apparently on the blacklist of our firewall at work. Every site that’s on there has a reason listed for why it’s blocked, and for Sputnik & Pogrom, it says “adult political content.” I’m really not sure what that means.

What I want to know is how someone even found this site to block it. 99% of employees at The Bank don’t speak Russian. How would the IT department even find this to block it? Enquiring minds want to know…


2 thoughts on “Banned At Work!

  1. Usually they get a list of blocked web sites from another company that aggregates sites that are deemed offensive for whatever reason.


    1. Interesting. Still odd, though. Presumably the company providing such sites is American, so how would it know about a random Russian website? Haha.


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