Feedback Wanted: My Blog On Social Media

Dear readers, I have a request for you: I want to know what you think about following your favorite sites (I sincerely hope my blog is one of them!) on social media. You see, I have a Twitter account related to this blog (I mainly tweet stuff relating to what I write on here), but no Facebook page. I don’t like Facebook all that much, but I know a lot of people use it. I’ve been wondering if I ought to create a Facebook page for this blog. Is this something you’d want? If you’re a blogger, have you experienced any benefits from having a Facebook page for your blog, assuming you have one?


3 thoughts on “Feedback Wanted: My Blog On Social Media

  1. Hi Natalie,

    I follow many blogs about Russia and just like you I don’t like Facebook that much, but since almost everyone I know uses it, I had to join the club too. If you create a FB page to Fluent Historian I’ll follow for sure, it would be one more vehicle to discuss the blog’s excellent material.


    1. Thanks for the feedback, Katia! I’m still undecided about this issue, to be honest. I do think people could have some pretty good discussions on FB about the sort of stuff I post—but my dislike for Facebook’s policies is just so, so strong. I really don’t know if I can bite the bullet and create a page. 🙂


  2. Pretty much all of my supporters have migrated to facebook, so it’s the one being updated the most. My website is pretty much a cobweb now lol. You can just have a fb page to keep people who do use fb every day notified when you have a new post and a bit of discussion in the comments. Fb does pull in the traffic I need and I’m on it the most often, so that’s why I use it.


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