Murdered Journalists, Hypocritical Liberals, And Soviet Nuclear Threats

By now you’ve probably heard the horrible news that yet another American has died at the hands of the disgusting Islamic terrorists commonly known as the “Islamic State.” The BBC article I linked to seems to think that the murder of these journalists is proof that American airstrikes are hurting the Islamic State; I’m not sure I agree, but that isn’t the point of this post.

The first point is this: it’s amazing that for years, starting in 2003 or so, the liberals in the United States parroted the stupid rhyme that “Bush lied, people died.” People did die when Bush was president (but show me a president with a truly bloodless tenure and I’ll show you a cat with wings). People are also dying with Obama as president and I haven’t heard a peep out of these allegedly “humanitarian” liberals so concerned with human rights in the third world (and the occasional American soldier, when it suits them). (Realize I’m not just talking about Americans dying now: there are a ton of innocent people dying in Iraq from that stupid Islamic State. Somehow that doesn’t seem to bother the liberals much anymore, though.)

The second, and more important, point is: what the hell is the American government doing letting all this happen? The only duty a government has is to protect its people from external threats—and considering the taxes taken out of each of my paychecks, we Americans deserve a lot of protection! Instead of actually saying something of substance to the Islamic State—say, stop it or we’ll nuke you—all the president says (through his mouthpiece, the White House spokesman John Earnest, of course) that we are “thinking” of the murdered journalists. I’m sure all those thoughts are doing Steven Sotloff and James Foley a whole lot of good right now… not.

What, threats of nuclear annihilation don’t work, you say? I beg to differ: they can be quite effective. Observe the following passage from John R. Schindler’s Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa’ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad, pages 135-36.

…Only rarely did Mughniyah slip up. One operation that didn’t go according to plan was the October 1985 kidnapping of four Soviet diplomats in Beirut—a political attaché, the embassy’s doctor, and two KGB officers. Mughniyah miscalculated as the Soviets weren’t inclined to use wait-and-see tactics when its representatives were taken hostage. After one Soviet was executed, the KGB retaliated in Beirut and reportedly threatened that a nuclear bomb would be dropped on the Iranian holy city of Qom if the remaining hostages weren’t at once. Israeli intelligence intercepted encrypted messages between Hizballah and Tehran that revealed Iranian control of the operation—and that Moscow’s threat worked. The Soviet officials were released without further harm.

I don’t like the Soviet Union one bit, but I can’t help but admire such an effective show of strength. (Note: this is one reason why I wish the US and Russia were close allies. I want such rhetoric from someone on my side, not an enemy.)

And I also want the government to stand up for all Americans, no matter where they are in the world. Is it really asking too much for my fellow citizens to elect someone who isn’t a spineless coward? I suppose it is, unfortunately.


2 thoughts on “Murdered Journalists, Hypocritical Liberals, And Soviet Nuclear Threats

  1. Completely agree with you, Natalie.

    I often tell people in Australia that the American election is basically everyone’s election because the decisions and actions of the guy in the White House have serious consequences for the entire world.

    Everyone with half a bit of sanity knew that Obama was going to do a really bad job but I think we’re all very surprised and shocked at how truly destructive and nightmarish his presidency has been. Surely he must be aware by now that his worldview is and always has been warped and completely wrong – watching the Mid East go up like a powder keg while he scratches himself on the golf course.

    As for hypocrite liberals – all those protesters who mobilize over Gaza suddenly have nothing to say about ISIS. This proves what I already believed to be the case: those protesters (not Palestinian people but Western liberals) aren’t motivated by genuine love and compassion toward the Palestinian people but rather just pure, blind hatred of the West and Israel (and since they can’t blame Israel for ISIS they have no reason to be bothered by the ongoing genocide in Iraq).

    I see these hypocrites all the time over here in the Mid East (usually working for the UN and so on) and I can’t stand to be in the same room as them. They make me sick.


    1. Donovan, after reading this comment, we definitely need to Skype at some point!! 🙂 And I totally agree with you, of course. The sad thing about the American election being everyone’s election is how people like you and me, who didn’t vote for Obama, have to suffer the consequences, even though we didn’t even want him to be president! Many protestors are hypocrites, as you say. They aren’t protesting over the humanitarian crisis happening in Ukraine (no matter what side one is on regarding Ukraine, I think we all agree that there are a lot of innocent people dying over there).

      Again, thanks for leaving your comment. It makes me wish you talked politics more on your blog (even though I can understand why you’d want to avoid such stuff!).


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