‘Five Hundred Thousand Fools’

I can’t resist posting this comment I found on an article over at World Affairs Journal. It’s from an article by noted Russian oppositionist Vladimir Kara-Murza called “Is Russia Suited for Democracy?” In it, he said it would be inaccurate to categorize the recent protests in Ukraine as a “500,000-strong opposition in a country of 46 million.” As you can see, this commenter took exception to such an assertion.

But Maidan was 500,000 fools deciding for a country of 45 million. Sure, these 500,000 fools probably had support of millions out there. The oligarch controlled media in Ukraine gave largely positive coverage to the protests. But in reality this left vast pools of people who were not for the Maidan, or did not care, or did not care enough.

In the however, couple of thousands of right wing thugs have created a security situation so bad, democratically elected Yanukovych was forced to run. If you called that a “normal European democracy”, I beg to differ.

Where did Turchynov and Yatsenyuk get a popular mandate from? Oh that’s right, nobody. These two have enacted IMF austerity, and started a civil war. Making your people and starting a civil war is easier to do when you have no democratic mandate.

You and your liberal buddies would do well Kara-Murza to never mention the events in Ukraine in an uncritical light as you do now. That’s difficult to do however, when your boss sits in the Spaso House.

“Spaso House” is the name of the United States ambassador to Russia’s residence, in case you were wondering.