Putin Wins In Ukraine

I really should be leaving for work, but I wanted to post a link to this article I just read: Rebels to get self-rule in Ukraine.

Rebel-controlled regions of eastern Ukraine have been granted self-rule and fighters have been given an amnesty, under a new law adopted by parliament.

The measures are in line with the 5 September ceasefire agreement signed by President Petro Poroshenko.


The amnesty means pro-Russian separatists taken prisoner in the fighting should now be released.

There have been some prisoner releases already during the ceasefire.

Rebels holding government buildings in the east are now supposed to leave them, hand over captured Ukrainian soldiers and other prisoners and surrender their weapons.

However, many of the rebels are demanding full independence, and speak of creating a new state called “Novorossiya”, something Russian President Vladimir Putin has also mentioned in speeches.

Meanwhile, there has been heavy shelling around the government-held airport of Donetsk, despite the fragile ceasefire.

I’m really surprised Poroshenko is actually willing to allow parts of eastern Ukraine to have self-rule. I’ll be interested to see how this goes…