Autumn: The Best Time Of Year

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Today’s prompt at The Daily Post asked if we bloggers like autumn or not, to which I wanted to respond: who doesn’t like autumn? Okay, I jest, as I can imagine disliking it if live far in the north, where it starts to actually get cold at this time of year. But here in the south, autumn is a wonderful reprieve from the summer heat. In some states, it’s one of the few nice times of year.

The weather where I live has been lovely recently, so I do like autumn here. (Technically, it isn’t autumn for another two days, but who’s counting, right?) Winter, on the other hand… we shall see.

Random Russian lesson for the day: autumn in Russian is осень [osen].


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  1. I wish I was a fluent russian speaker. I learnt it for twelve years (in Switzerland in evening classes). Unfortunately I cannot practice as I seem to be one of the few that learnt the language in my surroundings and have no-one to talke to in Russian. Have a nice Russian осень

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